CareSelect® Blood

A cloud-based clinical decision support solution for health systems that helps ensure appropriate utilization of blood products via point-of-order intervention and supports the creation of a patient blood-management program. 


ImproveBlood Utilization

  • Identify high-value areas of blood overuse with analytics that benchmark ordering and establish a baseline for quality improvement. 

  • Optimize blood-unit utilization with transfusion guidance integrated at the point of order within provider workflows. 

  • Establish a patient blood management (PBM) program to manage blood product use built on your own ordering data and utilization trends.
  • Target areas of acute need with nearly 100 curated, condition-driven guidelines authored and maintained by the Mayo Clinic.

  • Leverage six blood-management support modules covering red blood cells, platelets, plasma, and cryoprecipitate usage, plus coagulation and anemia management.

  • Monitor usage of red blood cells, platelets, and plasma by department and by provider. Use aggregated data to forecast blood product use and transfusion-related reactions. 

Establish an Integrated Patient Blood Management Program

  • Leverage EHR Ordering Workflows to Manage Utilization

    • Provide real-time decision support at the time of order to guide the appropriate utilization of blood units. Use interactive dashboards to monitor ongoing usage and address outliers and exceptions. 
    • Integrate your PBM program to reduce volume and costs. Research shows that integrated PBM programs can achieve results such as a 33.6% reduction in ordering volume for red blood cells, plasma, and platelets.1
    • Rely on transfusion guidelines written and maintained by the Mayo Clinic, plus 100+ rules in six modules: RBCs, Plasma (FFP), Cryoprecipitate, Platelets, Coagulation Management, and Anemia Management.
  • Rely on Our Expertise and Support

    • Engage Change Healthcare resources as new guidelines are implemented to pinpoint high-value areas of blood overuse for targeted education, ongoing assessment, and behavioral-change remediation. 
    • Collect performance data to identify high-value opportunities, or optimize your IT workflow for effective anemia and coagulation management.

1 Based on Change Healthcare and Mayo Clinic reporting and analysis of results achieved at Mayo Clinic Rochester after transfusion guidelines were deployed; 2010-2018.

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