Credentialing Advocate™ Solution

Outsourced dental credentialing services for group practices that want to expedite the recredentialing process with payers to gain significant time-and-cost efficiencies.


Streamlineand Expedite Credentialing

  • Outsource all facets of provider credentialing to our expert staff to streamline and manage
  • Help drive cost savings by reducing or eliminating paper, envelope, and postage expenses
  • Leverage our Intelligent Healthcare Network™ database to expedite onboarding of new providers
  • Accelerate the process by replacing manual functions with electronic submission- and-management of applications
  • Prioritize applications by renewal date across providers, payers, and locations
  • Access dashboards and customize reports to stay apprised of the credentialing status of each provider, by payer.

Replace Internal Credentialing Chaos with Outsourced Organization

  • Rely on Our Credentialing Specialists

    • Our experienced staff is the liaison between your practice and all the health plans with whom your providers enroll. We manage the process end-to-end.
    • Our first step is to work with your recruitment-and-enrollment team to upload your database to launch the process.
    • We leverage our relationships with the 700+ dental payers in our network to facilitate credentialing/enrollment and to bring it to timely completion.
  • Accelerate the Credentialing Process

    • We prioritize applications by renewal date across providers, payers, and locations, then assess what’s missing (licenses, forms, signatures) and work directly with providers to quickly obtain it.
    • Our system is pre-populated with each state’s primary insurance plans (including plan-specific requirements), eliminating delays due to scanning applications or creating fields.
    • Applications are submitted and managed electronically, and we follow up with payers to help ensure timely completion.
  • Help Reduce Costs and Maximize Staff Productivity

    • Submitting applications electronically vs. by mail enables you to reduce or eliminate the significant expense associated with paper, printing, envelopes and postage. 
    • Automating submissions also enables a more efficient use of resources since the manual responsibilities of preparing mailings is eliminated.
    • Staff responsible for manual processes can be reallocated to building your practice via post-service outreach to boost patient satisfaction/loyalty, to schedule dental work, and to facilitate online reviews.
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