Dental Claim Attachments

An electronic claims-attachment solution for dental providers and payers that want to simplify the submission of supporting documentation and streamline the claims adjudication process.


CompleteAccurate Claims

  • Know what to attach, and when. With payers’ specific attachment criteria built into the workflow, providers know what supporting documentation is required on the front end.
  • Reduce re-work. Submitting claims correctly the first time mitigates a backlog in providers’ offices, and precludes payers spending time on follow-up requests. 
  • Save on paper, printing, and postage. Providers can reduce these expenses by submitting attachments electronically vs. manually. 
  • Add Advanced Edits. Payers can automatically reject or pend claims submitted without required attachments. 
  • Reduce expenses. Using a URL/hyperlink or our Dental Connect Portal, health plans only pay for attachments viewed, with free unlimited subsequent views. 
  • Maximize efficiency. Submitting attachments electronically saves time, paper, and money and eliminates the need to physically store documentation.

Building Connections for Providers, Payers, and Partners

  • Providers

    • Reduce guesswork: payers’ attachment requirements are built in, so you know exactly what supporting documentation is needed at the time of claims submission.
    • Get paid faster by payers and patients when claims are easier to submit appropriately the first time, requiring less re-work to correct claims submitted with insufficient support.
    • Make your office more efficient with less paperwork processing for staff, faster communication with patients, and a more streamlined revenue cycle. 
  • Payers

    • Improve claims adjudication rates by receiving more complete claims and utilizing Advanced Edits to automatically pend or reject claims when specialty documentation may be missing.
    • Only pay for the attachments that are opened, and only the first time, when using the Dental Connect portal or URL/Hyperlink.
    • Run your business more efficiently and cost effectively by converting to electronic claims. You can reduce administrative and material costs associated with paper-based attachments.
  • Partners

    • Help your providers and payers reduce the administrative hassles and revenue cycle delays associated with paper-based claim attachments.
    • Offer more flexible pricing and bundled product offerings available only through the Change Healthcare Dental EDI Network. 
    • Work with a single partner to eliminate duplicate product development, support, and integration efforts that occur when working with multiple vendors.

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