Finding, accessing, and paying for healthcare requires so much work that half of consumers have avoided seeking care, according to the 2020 Change Healthcare - Harris Poll Consumer Experience Index, a national study of 1,945 consumers. These findings and more—many of which should cause serious concern for healthcare stakeholders—are covered on today’s show, with special guest Tom Swanson from Adobe. Also covered: what stakeholders can do to meet consumers’ expectations and gain a competitive edge.

Swanson joins show host Bill Krause to review the research, discuss what consumers say are the challenges to finding, obtaining, and paying for care, and unpack fresh digital strategies that can help providers give their patients exceptional experiences.

Bill Krause is VP and GM of Connected Consumer Health for Change Healthcare. Tom Swanson is head of Industry Strategy and Marketing for Health and Life Sciences at Adobe.

Here are the topics they tackled:

  • Key findings from the research study
  • Big surprises
  • What healthcare can learn about consumer loyalty from other industries
  • Steps to improve patient satisfaction and provider efficiency
  • How to improve connectivity in the patient journey
  • Ways to bring transparency to pricing
  • The real meaning and importance of consumer centricity in healthcare
  • Why unified data platforms are essential to improving the patient experience

Episode Notes

  1. Tom Swanson’s bio
  2. Bill Krause’s bio
  3. The 2020 Change Healthcare – Harris Poll Consumer Experience Index
  4. Change Healthcare - Harris Poll Research: Half of Consumers Avoid Seeking Care Because It’s Too Hard
  5. Patient Experience
  6. COVID-19 Updates and Resources
  7. COVID-19 Updates Newsletter

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