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Custom data-driven solutions and services that give you business insight and the tools required for strategic decision making.


GainActionable Intelligence

  • Aggregate multiple data sources, standardize data definitions, and improve data quality with custom system and data integration.
  • Enhance reporting through a consolidated data ecosystem with centralized governance and standardized data.
  • Leverage clinical and financial data combined with predictive analytics, to create insights and actionable intelligence.
  • Improve delivery of projects and programs throughout your organization with Ignite, our proprietary delivery framework powered by SAFe.
  • Work within diverse IT infrastructures both legacy and modern stack and 3rd party commercial platforms.
  • Simplify complex portfolio and program management for shorter cycle time, higher quality, and complete transparency to solution delivery.

Access Data in a Meaningful Way

  • Custom data integration and aggregation

    • Improve the transparency and consistency of reporting with a 360-degree view across your organization.
    • Understand total cost and value, with custom reporting that leverages clinical and financial data combined with predictive analytics.
    • Improve data access, security, and quality with the processing power and flexibility of a “big data” platform.
  • Custom web-based applications and tools

    • Manage your critical processes and information with best practice modeled, cloud-native applications that provide easy access to data.
    • Accelerate decision making with custom APIs and dashboards that summarize your data in a meaningful way.
    • Improve cycle time to productivity with single sign-on, integrated applications and dashboards.
  • Enterprise scaled agile training & consulting

    • Simplify complex portfolio and program management to deliver value that aligns with business goals.
    • Provide quality solutions in a shorter cycle time and with high degree of transparency by effectively prioritizing and managing strategic programs and projects.
    • Manage stakeholder expectations by repeatedly forecasting effort and cost with confidence.

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