Revenue Performance Advisor

An end-to-end revenue cycle management software solution for physician practices, labs, home health, medical-billing services, and other providers that want to help simplify workflows, reduce denials, optimize revenue, and improve patient engagement.


What's Included

  • Patient Insurance Eligibility Verification

    • Access the information you need via connectivity to 2,100 payers
    • Streamline patient payments management by integrating all collections
  • Medical Billing And Claims Management

    • Help deter rejected claims and delayed reimbursements
    • Sort, filter and prioritize claims based on 40 different data fields
    • Apply edits in real-time using our online correction tools
  • Rejections And Denials Management Dashboard

    • Help optimize cashflow
    • AI predicts which claims are likely to be de
    • If a claim is rejected
  • Revenue cycle reporting and metrics

    • Get actionable, real-time analytics backed by AI and machine learning
    • Customize reports to reveal your Top 10 rejected claims by each health plan
    • Uncover the source of problematic trends, such as repeated rejections

Optimizeyour revenue cycle from patient check-in to payment posting

Help increase upfront collections and gain workflow efficiencies

Prompt timely payments by providing patients with easy-to-understand estimates of their payment responsibility and multiple payment options, prior to care.

Plus, simplify management of rejections and denials by performing real-time edits, accessing a library of templated appeal letters, and resubmitting claims within minutes. 


Help reduce denials and gain insights into practice performance

Streamline eligibility and benefits verification by accessing our expansive network of payers for the most up-to-date information. 

Also, help identify problematic trends before they negatively impact practice profitability by using our advanced reporting capabilities.

Easily submit, track, and manage claims

Help reduce rejections by using software that validates and scrubs claims before submission. We have a first-pass clean claims rate of 98%.

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