CareSelect® Lab

An EHR-integrated solution for health systems that want to optimize laboratory ordering and transform their labs into financial and clinical value centers


Real-timeorder adjudication improves the financial health of the lab

Audit provider ordering to create a database of test appropriateness

CareSelect Lab’s unique data orchestration capabilities can actively monitor all laboratory ordering decisions. The system can run silently in the background, with no provider interruption, to record and score laboratory orders in real time and create a large-scale database of your providers’ ordering decisions.

Examine your ordering data to identify misutilization trends

Laboratory-specific analytics provide clinical stakeholders a targeted view of the data they need to increase appropriate ordering. By comparing your providers’ ordering data against laboratory appropriate use criteria authored by Mayo Clinic, our analytics provide rich clinical insights, reveal systemwide ordering patterns, and clearly identify misutilization trends.

Implement strategic interventions to help improve order appropriateness

Armed with insights about your organization’s laboratory ordering, you can begin to engage and educate clinicians, and optimize EHR setup. As needed, CareSelect Lab also enables you to implement real-time, point-of-order interventions to guide providers to only order appropriate laboratory tests.

What’s included in CareSelect Lab

  • A real-time, bidirectional exchange of ordering data

    • Monitor all laboratory ordering decisions
    • Record and score laboratory orders in real time
    • Create a large-scale database of your providers’ ordering decisions
    • Deliver clinical guidance on provider ordering workflows
  • Clinical content authored by Mayo Clinic physicians, scientists, and laboratory experts

    • Access accurate and up-to-date evidence-based guidelines
    • Integrate standards built on proven care models
    • Improve care for both community testing and complex/chronic conditions
  • Tailored analytics for laboratory utilization

    • Enable a data-driven, consultative approach to managing utilization
    • Create a baseline standard of care
    • Identify areas of misutilization at the macro and micro levels
    • Drive incremental quality-improvement programs

What our customers say

What our customers say

Being able to compare use and misuse by specialty and individual practices and to see the variation of ordering practices within specialties lets us target messaging to the areas where interventions can have the greatest impact.

R. Bruce Wellman, M.D., Pathologist and Medical Director for Transfusion, Coagulation and Apheresis Services Carle Health Urbana, Illinois


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