Dental Credentialing Manager

A customizable entry system for dental providers that want to simplify the complex credentialing process, reduce administrative costs, and efficiently manage ongoing provider enrollment across plans.


Reduce Errors and Improve Productivity

  • Save time. Applications can be initially completed in about 20 minutes, and require only a few minutes each year to update and re-attest.
  • Reduce the risk of typos and errors by entering the information needed for all applications just once into a single, consolidated form.
  • Stay compliant to reduce the number of rejected filings. Receive automated reminders to update incomplete or expiring information.
  • Improve productivity. Staff can complete 30 applications in the time it previously took to complete one, allowing more time for patient care.
  • Increase revenue by easily credentialing with additional insurance and discount plans, improving your accessibility for more consumers.
  • Wait less. With an automated, online system, there’s no need to wait on back-and-forth rounds through the post office.

Solve the Credentialing Conundrum

  • Innovative, cloud-based efficiency

    • Created with input from office administrators and healthcare providers, this intuitive tool was designed to be easy to use. Providers and office staff require only a few minutes of training to achieve proficiency.
    • Staff can access the cloud-based system from any computer with an internet connection. There is no hardware to purchase or software to manage and keep updated.
    • The system is pre-populated with all primary insurance plans in each state, eliminating the need to scan applications or create fields. Plan-specific questions and requirements are included.
  • Payer and partner connectivity

    • Decrease the amount of time-consuming paperwork being processed through your office. Speed credentialing and reduce re-work with efficient creation and maintenance of clean, complete applications.
    • Increased automation can help your office operate more efficiently. This effective new tool can help streamline management of credentials across providers, payers, and office locations.
    • Continue to grow the network by linking to additional payers. An expanding network makes dental care more efficient for everyone, as providers can easily accept additional payers, and consumers can visit the provider of their choice.
  • Simplified workflow

    • To begin using the system, leverage our application library or send us your paper applications for conversion into our cloud-based system. Upon your initial login, all necessary fields and requirements will be ready and waiting.
    • To use, staff log into the secure portal and enter information into the primary form. Staff can upload attachments, select applications, and complete any payer-specific details. Applications can be signed with uploaded signatures.
    • Completed applications are emailed to the insurance company. You can receive application approval or answers to any additional questions in less time than it takes a paper application to get through the post office.

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