SimpleAttach™ Solution

A simple, web-based solution that enables both payers and providers to send and receive dental claim attachments electronically to improve efficiency, reduce costs, decrease errors, and speed payment.


  • Streamline the exchange of electronic dental claim attachments between providers and payers through a simple, web-based solution.
  • Reduce the risk of delayed payments by helping ensure the correct claim attachment is submitted the first time.
  • Reduce or eliminate expenses associated with back-and-forth payer-provider communications, including paper, printing, envelope, and postage costs.
  • Accelerate reimbursement turn-around time from an average of 12-14 days with manual claim attachments to 3-4 days using electronic data interchange (EDI)1. 1 Change Healthcare internal analysis of 140,000 dental providers using our claiming network and submitting attachments manually vs. electronically.
  • Increase efficiency and productivity with each payer’s specific, unique attachment criteria built directly into the submission workflow.
  • Save time and energy and reduce the potential confusion associated with sorting paper dental attachments and matching them to the appropriate electronic claim.

Efficiency and Cost Savings for Both Dentists and Payers

  • Dentists See Benefits from Streamlined Submission Process

    • Accelerate submissions and reduce claim- attachment errors using payer-specific attachment criteria for more than 700 carriers. This helps ensure prompt and accurate reimbursement.
    • Enjoy an easy-to-use solution that may be canceled at any time; the monthly cost for unlimited submissions to your largest-volume payer are roughly equivalent to the cost of submitting one paper attachment2.
    • Allocate staff previously dedicated to manual processes to customer engagement, e.g., proactive outreach to schedule dental work, post-service calls, etc., to drive satisfaction and volume

    2 Change Healthcare internal statistics

  • Payers Gain by Extending EDI to Dental Providers

    • Make it easy for your dental providers to capture the benefits of sharing dental claim attachments electronically through an easy-to-use solution that includes a simple auto-enrollment process.
    • Generate savings by reducing or eliminating expenses related to envelopes and postage. Depending on the size of your network, savings can reach hundreds of thousands of dollars annually
    • Covering providers' costs for electronic submission drives efficiency and improves provider satisfaction; you'll pay for each provider who auto-enrolls and only for the attachments you open and view.

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