Assurance Reimbursement Management™

An integrated claims- and remittance-management solution for healthcare providers who want to automate workflows to help prevent denials, facilitate fast reimbursement, and improve efficiency.

Automateand integrate workflows to optimize efficiency

Help increase your first pass claim-acceptance rate

Stay current with changing payer rules and regulations by connecting to one of the largest networks of payers and via our comprehensive edits package.

Heighten your staff’s productivity

Drive efficiency by receiving automated alerts on claims that need attention. Staff can access editing capabilities within the HIS workflow to quickly correct and submit/resubmit claims.

Accelerate your secondary claim submissions

Optimize cash flow by automatically generating secondary claims and explanation of benefits (EOBs) from the primary remittance advice.

Gain claim status visibility

Automatically track claims following their submission to the payer by viewing a color-coded dashboard that shows when each claim has been received, accepted, and adjudicated.

What's included

  • Assurance Attach Assist™ module

    • Submit supporting documentation electronically
    • Help reduce the risk you will miss a payer’s request
    • Help decrease documentation-related denials
    • Send attachments automatically via the most expeditious channel (electronically, fax, or by mail)
    • Track attachments until the claim reaches final resolution
  • Claim lifecycle visibility

    • Prioritize claims and resolve errors faster
    • Track claims throughout their lifecycle
    • Improve efficiency with just-in-time claim follow-up
  • Accurate, efficient claims processing

    • Stay compliant with changing payer rules and regulations
    • Help balance your staff’s workload
    • Manage denials in the same system
  • Flexible, integrated workflow

    • Identify ADRs and prepare, submit, and track attachments
    • Help improve secondary billing, denial management, and reconciliation
    • Help achieve greater efficiency with optional components, such as Assurance Attach Assist™ and Assurance Medicare Direct Entry™


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