Ahi QA and Ahi Lobby™

Patient registration and quality assurance solutions for providers who want to improve data accuracy and optimize patient flow.


HelpImprove Patient Registration Accuracy

  • Identify errors in real time immediately after a registration is complete. With Ahi QA, your staff can verify the information with the patient while they are still right in front of them.
  • Empower your staff with the measurement and reporting capabilities within Ahi QA that provide actionable results.
  • Help reduce postage costs, wasted hours, and aging Accounts Receivable days with our Ahi QA USPS verification so bills can reach the guarantor faster.
  • Correct errors as they occur to help reduce the need for additional staff members to perform manual registration and QA audits.
  • Help reduce claim errors by creating time limits on the required corrections.
  • Help improve patient satisfaction from the moment your patients enter the registration area with paperless sign-in and monitored wait times.

Real-Time, SaaS-Based Solutions

  • Identify errors in real-time via HL7 with Ahi QA

    • Optimize customized business rules that give you the flexibility to define error checking. Rules can be tied to any field in the registration record using insurance plans, patient types, financial classes, and more.
    • Leverage the integration between Ahi QA and the United States Postal Service database to verify addresses and to provide corrections and standardizations that help keep your data clean.
    • Assess employee performance, set up reports to help improve staff training, and receive alerts to mobile devices.
  • Track patient flow throughout a visit with Ahi Lobby

    • Monitor your patients’ wait times from when they first arrive to when your technicians complete the registration process. Track the time each technician spent completing the registration process and review the patient documentation.
    • Track patient-flow across your organiziation by accessing your patients’ progress and the amount of time they spent at each department where care was provided.
    • Manage and reallocate resources using a real-time dashboard that allows you to identify where staff members are working, what activities they are performing, and the number of patients currently waiting.

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